Solid State Physics

Research Team

Prof. Dr. Mustafa ALEVLİ  (Head of The Department Of Solid State Physics) Nitrate Base Semiconductors, Kimyasal Buhar Deposizasyonu.

Prof. Dr. Şahin AKTAŞ  Superconductivity; vortexes.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fatih DUMLUDAĞ

Assis.  Prof. Dr. Cengiz OKAY Magnetism, Ferromagnetic Resonance (FMR), Magnetic Granular Films ve Nano-Particles, Ion Ekme Tekniği.

Assis.  Prof. Dr. Ali ZERENTÜRK Ab-initio Functional Materials Design, Reaction Kinetics, Thermodynamical Stability of Nanostructures, Defect engineering on nanotubes, Fullerene Growth Mechanism

Research Fields and Topics

Theoretical Works

Research Group on Superconductivity and Simulation

Research Group on Computational Nanomaterials

Experimental Works

Research Group on Thin Film

Research Group on Magnetic Properties of Materials

Research Group on Nanodevice



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