Nanotechnology R&D Laboratory AFM Measurements

AFM Vibrational - Static Modes

Surface topography is scanned by using TT2 - AFM Workshop Atomic Force Microscopy. Surface defects, roughness, grains and lithographic patterns are measured in high resolution. DNA, nanoparticles and nanotubes can be monitorized. Maximum scanning area: 50 x 50 µm. Minimum scanning area: 1 x 1 µm.

Magnetic Force Microscopy, MFM

Magnetic topography of surface  is scanned by using magnetic mode of TT2 - AFM Workshop Atomic Force Microscopy. Images of magnetic fields associated with small domains is generated. Magnetic fields associated with individual magnetic nanoparticles can also be revealed through MFM.

AFM (Atomic Force Microscopy) Measurement Fees
Item Quantity* Price Price for Foreign Countries
AFM-Vibrational Mode 1 300,00 ₺ 100,00 €
AFM-Static Mode 1 300,00 ₺ 100,00 €
Magnetic Force Microscopy, MFM 1 500,00 ₺ 175,00 €

* The price is requested for first measurement of a sample. 50% discount is offered for further measurement of the sample. 

VAT is not included in prices above.

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