Students Laboratories are classified as below. Details are in each laboratory links to be accessed below. 


General Physics Laboratories

There are four General Physics Laboratories in the first two years (the first four semesters).

PHYS1113 Physics Laboratory I, Credits: 0+4+2, First Semester, Instruction in English

PHYS1114 Physics Laboratory II, Credits: 0+4+2, Second Semester, Instruction in English

PHYS2113 Physics Laboratory III, Credits: 0+4+2, Third Semester, Instruction in English

PHYS2134 Modern Physics Laboratory, Credits: 0+4+2, Fourth Semester, Instruction in English


Electronics Laboratories

In the curriculum of Physics Major, we offer three electonics laboratories below:

FZK2123 Electronics Laboratory I, Credits: 0+4+2, Third Semester, Instruction in Turkish 

FZK2124 Electronics Laboratory II, Credits: 0+4+2, Fourth Semester, Instruction in Turkish

FZK354 Digital Electronics Laboratory, Credits: 0+4+2, Sixth Semester, Instruction in Turkish


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